Why join NAPAMA?

NAPAMA Member benefits include member discounts for conferences, discounts on industry products and services and discounted legal advice and services.

NAPAMA is your voice in the performing arts field, whether you are a manager, agent, represented artist, self-managed artist, affiliated business vendor, or presenter.

NAPAMA representatives serve on industry boards, advisory committees, program committees, and showcasing committees throughout the field.

NAPAMA alerts its members to economic and legislative trends which have an impact on the industry and advocates for legislation beneficial to the performing arts.

NAPAMA organizes professional education sessions at various conferences

NAPAMA has formulated and distributes Guidelines for Ethical Behavior, Mentoring and Independent Showcasing as standards for professional relationships between artists, presenters and management colleagues.

NAPAMA organizes panels, seminars and educational opportunities to highlight developments in the field and provides access to industry leaders.

NAPAMA provides up-to-date information on laws regulating the industry including visas, taxation, immigration, licensing insurance and contract law.

NAPAMA provides guidance, support and assistance whenever possible.

NAPAMA is "a cooperative voice in a competitive business."