1981-1984: Sheldon Soffer, Sheldon Soffer Management


We brought together most of the managements as a unit, which gave NAPAMA a voice to be heard by presenters. Our mission at that stage was to try to get as many managers to become members, and if I remember correctly we also started adding the arts administrators as members. Our other major mission was to become recognized in the industry as an important organization that would bring the industry together. We also started to have meetings of our members at the regional meetings as well as the national and international meetings.

England and other countries organized on the Continent a similar organization to the one we founded. I was an original member when it was organized. The mission of the group was:

  1. To recruit as many managers as possible;
  2. To make the group known for its attempt to bring the industry together in cooperation on many matters;
  3. To have our purpose recognized by the arts administrators so that problems can be readily solved;
  4. To organize regional and national meetings to include all managers throughout the U.S.A.;
  5. To cooperate with foreign managers to solve many problems.