Whether you are a manager, agent, represented artist, self-managed artist, affiliated business vendor, or presenter, NAPAMA is here for you. We offer member discounts for conferences, industry products and services, discounted legal advice and services, and more. We know this is a tough business, and we can put you in touch with the people and resources that can make things a little easier.

Please note that more complete information about our resources may only be available to current members. 

Conference Information

With so many conferences, it can be hard to keep track of them all. Through our liaisons and partnerships with arts and service organizations across the US and Canada, NAPAMA provided compiled information on performing arts conferences.

Contracts and Licenses

All successful business require strong legal basis and understanding. Goldstein & Guilliams PLC has prepared several resources for NAPAMA on contracts as well as state-by-state license requirements for booking agents and artist managers here.


NAPAMA Members can access discounts on signs, software, travel, insurance, and advertising, including the following:


Celebrity Access
Industry Data

Save up to $624 on a CelebrityAccess Membership!

CelebrityAccess is a state-of-the-art database containing profiles on over 40,000 performers, including extensive contact information on musicians, comedians, lecturers, agents, managers, record companies, talent buyers and venues. Information such as artist touring schedules, box office scores, performance fee ranges, responsible agents and managers - direct phone numbers and email addresses, bios, and web site links, industry news, and more - are all available through CelebrityAccess.


La Playa Insurance
Insurance for the Performing Arts

La Playa provides specialist insurance for artists, managers and agents from performing arts insurance broker La Playa. There's no need to wait until your policies are due for renewal. Email CEO Mark Boon at mark.boon@laplayainsurance.com and see how La Playa can help with your program. Also offered: Cancellation Insurance for Artist Managers.

For more information, visit www.laplayainsurance.com/napama


Masterpiece International
Shipping and Customs

Masterpiece International provides a wide range of freight services for the performing arts, including: freight forwarder, customs broker, and domestic and international transportation logistics coordination. Contact Mary Ellen Stuart at mstuart@masterpieceintl.com or call their office at 310-321-1050 and identify yourself as a NAPAMA member to receive special discounts on services.


Patron Manager
CRM Services for Ticketing and More

20% discount on setup (a $500 value). PatronManager provides ticketing, subscriptions, fundraising, e-mail marketing and staff collaboration on the Salesforce platform. Contact David Wannen for more information.


Glenn Weikert Design
Web Design

Glenn Weikert Design, offers an exclusive discount to NAPAMA members for website design: a fully functional basic site for $1250. For more information and to take advantage of this benefit, contact Glenn Weikert at glenn.weikert@gmail.com or (267) 972-7672.


Dance Magazine
Trade Magazine for Dance

NAPAMA members get a 20% discount on all ads placed in Dance Magazine’s annual directory.


Goldstein & Guilliams PLC
Legal Services

Membership in NAPAMA gives you access to free and discounted professional legal and tax advice through a partnership with the firm of Goldstein & Guilliams PLC. Members receive Expert legal guidance at no cost to questions posed in the NAPAMA facebook group, a special NAPAMA member rate of $300/hr on legal fees as well as a liberal consultation policy. Contact Brian Taylor Goldstein 703-385-9891 or visit www.ggartslaw.com.

Facebook Community (Members Only)

As a member of NAPAMA, you will become a member of the private NAPAMA facebook group. This community is a place where members share information (like presenters changing organizations or experiences with vendors), ask questions (like referrals for tax consultants or vehicle rentals), and more. It is a great way to connect with other NAPAMA members and access the collective hive of knowledge and experience found within the membership. Members can request to join here.

Getting Past the Inbox: Email Marketing Webinars

NAPAMA partnered with the Alliance of Performing Arts Conferences (APAC) and Arts Northwest to create a 3-part webinar series on email marketing. Topics covered include: structured storytelling, effective email pitches, and email technology.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Immigration and Taxation

Booking a tour is only one piece of the puzzle for international artists to tour in the US or Canada. Here are resources on understanding and navigating immigration and taxation requirements for international artists:

Industry Guidelines

Over the years, NAPAMA has created (and updated) the following guidelines to establish industry standards in the performing arts. Click each icon to read the guidelines.

State Tax Table

Many US States have their own state-mandated withholding (ranging from 2% to 9%) that is applicable to gross payments to performers or performing entities. As agents, managers, and artists it is important to be aware of these rates as well as the waiver process as they impact budgeting, revenue, and more. NAPAMA has compiled information on State Tax Withholding, to the best of our knowledge, to assist in the process of navigating state tax withholding. Review the tax table here.

Zoho Knowledge Share

A good CRM can save you time, energy and resources, increasing the efficiency of your business. Within NAPAMA, a growing number of members have adopted Zoho as their CRM of choice and created an informal group to share resources, tips, and templates to reap the most benefits of this software. To join the Zoho Knowledge Share group, contact Jennifer Morris.