Responding to and anticipating the needs of our memberships and the field, NAPAMA is pleased to offer a wide-range of programs that are aimed at making things a bit easier for our members, offering skill-building opportunities for our members, providing professional development for future arts professionals, recognizing the contributions of outstanding individuals to the field, and making trends in our industry to better serve the field.


Programs for Our Members:

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Conference Caravan

With multiple regional booking conferences (Western Arts Alliance, Arts Midwest, and Performing Arts Exchange) in a concentrated period in the fall, shipping booth materials gets expensive. The NAPAMA Conference Caravan is the easiest, cheapest, and most hassle-free method of getting your booth materials from one conference to the next, so you can focus on just arranging transportation for yourself!

Participation in the Caravan is open to members only.  

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Peer Coaching

Our members have a wide range of skills and experience and with our Peer Coaching program, NAPAMA offers an easy way to tap into the immense resources found within our membership. Peer Coaching provides a way for our members to share their knowledge and also brush up on their own skills. Whether it be social media marketing, optimizing your conference experience, software solutions, or more, our Peer Coaching program connects you with the right person to find solutions to your questions. And if you have knowledge/expertise to share, then this is the forum in which to do that!

Sign up for a Coach and/or to be a Coach (you can be both!)

Programs in Service to the Field:

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The performing arts industry is what it is today because of the contributions from exemplary individuals. The NAPAMA Awards are annual citations of excellence in presenting and management and a means of recognizing the work of our colleagues. The nominees are chosen based on three criteria:  exemplifying mentoring; setting an example of best practices, achievement and leadership in their respective disciplines; and cultivating and promoting diversity, practicing inclusion and creating equity for underserved members of our community.

The NAPAMA Awards are given out at the annual APAP|NYC Conference in January. 

Learn more about our past winners, the criteria, and nomination process.

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Performing Arts Connect

Do you remember when you first learnt that you could have a career in the arts as an arts professional? Outside our industry, and even amongst performing art students, there is limited understanding of career possibilities in the arts beyond that of a performer. Performing Arts Connect is a platform to inspire and cultivate potential arts professionals - providing a means to discover careers in the arts and engage with professionals in the field. Through Performing Arts Connect, NAPAMA members and arts professionals go out into the community - to universities, community organizations, and more, through a structured program to share more information about careers in the arts.

Want to be involved in Performing Arts Connect and/or bring it to your community?


Performing Arts Market Survey

The NAPAMA 2016-2017 Study of the Touring Performing Arts is a market research project initiated by the all-volunteer NAPAMA Board of Directors. This effort is the 2nd research project NAPAMA has engaged in, following a 2013 study. The market survey gathered information from both presenters and agents / managers / self-represented artists on topics like genres presented / represented, cultural diversity at is stands and the gaps, presenting international artists, routing and block booking, the value of showcasing, and more.