Pollstar Pro

We are pleased to offer a discount to the online version of Pollstar. 3 options are available:

2017-2018 PollstarPro Total Subscription (Print & Online) Two Users

Pollstar Pro Total Subscription Print and Online (Two User) will be offered for $548. This subscription level allows two company log-ins (simultaneously) to the online service, PLUS the weekly magazine in both digital and paper format.

2017-2018 PollstarPro Subscription Two Users One Year

Pollstar Pro (Two user subscription), normally $499 will be discounted to $449. This subscription level allows two company log-ins (simultaneously) and NO magazine subscription.

2017-2018 PollstarPro Subscription One User One Year

Pollstar Pro (Single user) will be offered for $399 (not otherwise available directly from Pollstar). Members also get the weekly Pollstar Magazine in digital format each week.

Offices with multiple users are encouraged to purchase at the two-user rate, as only one person can log in at a time using the credentials. Subscriptions and payments will be handled by NAPAMA. More information on Pollstar and links to sign up are available here.

If you have questions about Pollstar Pro, please contact Jeff Laramie.