What is Performing Arts Connect?

Performing Arts Connect (PAC) is a platform to inspire and cultivate potential arts professionals - providing a means to discover careers in the arts and engage with professionals in the field. Performing Arts Connect is also committed to reaching communities of diverse backgrounds, thereby promoting diversity of the field over time through education and inspiration.

PAC is a panel of three professionals: self-represented artist, booking agent, and presenter (venue programer). Together, the three share their experiences and demonstrate their interactive roles to allow students to better understand the performing arts industry.

The program is led by Board Members Tiffany Goodman and Tommy Hensel and is currently in its pilot-stages in the Chicago area/Midwest.

We look forward to launching this project nation-wide in Fall 2019.


Get Involved

Interested in helping out? Great! We'd love to have you join our Connection Team! Click the button below to get started. Let us know where you are based and if you are an Agent/Manager, Presenter, or Self-Managed Artist.

Bring Performing Arts Connect to You

NAPAMA is currently accepting PAC inquiries from institutions in the Chicago/Midwest region with plans to expand nationwide by Fall 2019. If you would like to bring a Performing Arts Connect panel to your institution click the button below to let us know!