NAPAMA is the association of North American Performing Arts Managers and Agents, a not-for-profit service organization founded in 1979, and dedicated to promoting the professionalism of its members and the vitality of the performing arts.

NAPAMA is governed by a Board of Directors and an Executive Committee consisting of a President, Vice-President of Communications, Vice-President of Membership, Secretary and Treasurer. The Board is entirely volunteer.

NAPAMA has the following committees:

  • Executive Committee - responsible for the overall focus and direction of the Board and the organization.
  • Membership - responsible for fostering new members and providing member benefits.
  • Communications - responsible for the NAPAMA website, monthly NAPAMA newsletter and informative emails to members.
  • Education - responsible for organizing professional development workshops and presentations at regional and national conferences and at the NAPAMA annual meeting.
  • Awards - responsible for administering the NAPAMA Presenter and Agent/Manager awards.
  • Liaison - responsible for NAPAMA liaison with national, regional and state conferences.
  • Advocacy responsible for liaison between NAPAMA and the U.S. government, singly and in conjunction with other organizations, to mitigate effects of legislative policies on members' activities and to recommend strategies for effecting legislative/policy change, if necessary.
  • Nominating - responsible for preparing the Board slate.
  • Ethicsan ad hoc committee of the Board convened to deal with complaints by or about NAPAMA members.

The Annual Meeting is held in conjunction with the Agent's Retreat in May of each year, and NAPAMA meetings, open to everyone, are held at each of the regional conferences (Western Arts Alliance, Arts Midwest, Performing Arts Exchange, Arts Northwest) and at APAP in New York in January. (Note - The Board of Directors slate is presented to the membership at this meeting).

NAPAMA is an active sponsor of New Colleague programs at state, regional and national conferences and serves as liaison for APAP Showcase Producers, as well as mediating disputes between members. NAPAMA is respected throughout the field as the voice of agents and agent/managers primarily, but it welcomes artists and presenters as well: "a cooperative voice in a competitive business".


NAPAMA Timeline:

JANUARY: Meeting at APAP & Adoption of Board Slate; Executive Committee and Board Meetings
FEBRUARY: Executive Committee Conference Call
MARCH: Full Board Conference Call; Education Committee plans for PD at conferences
APRIL: Executive Committee Conference Call; Annual Meeting Reminder Email
MAY/JUNE: Annual Membership Meeting; Executive Committee and Board Meetings; NAPAMA Awards Email for Nominations
JULY: Executive Committee Conference Call
AUGUST: Prepare handout for conferences; NAPAMA Award Nominations due; Membership Renewal Campaign starts
SEPTEMBER: Executive Committee and Board Meetings at one of the Fall Conferences; Membership Meetings at all Fall Conferences; PD at all Fall Conferences; Membership Renewal Campaign continues
OCTOBER: Membership Renewal Campaign continues; Membership Meeting and PD at Fall Conferences; Nominations Committee Conference Call; NAPAMA Awards recipients notified; Membership Renewal Campaign continues
NOVEMBER: Executive Committee Conference Call; Board Nominations due; Membership Renewal Campaign continues
DECEMBER: Full Board Conference Call; Board Slate announced; Renewal Campaign wrap-up