NAPAMA at Dance/USA National Conference

The annual Dance/USA National Conference took place earlier in June in Austin, TX. Below is a photo of the Agents Council.




A productive and fun Dance/USA conference this week in Austin TX. 

Pictured: The Executive Director of Dance/USA with the Agents Council. From right to left, top row first: Pam Green, Bernard Schmidt, Margaret Selby, Cathy Pruzan, Harold Norris, Andrew Delicata (NAPAMA Board Member), Lynn Fisher (NAPAMA Board Member), Matthew Bledsoe, Amy Miller, Amy Fitterer (Executive Director of Dance/USA), Kristopher McDowell (Agents Council Chair and Dance/USA Board Member): and on the phone was Rachel Cohen and Rena Shagan. Council members who were missed this year: Christine Barkley, Jennifer Morris, Sophie Myrtil-McCourty, Joanne Rile.

See you next year at the Dance/USA conference in Kansas City, June 2017.

Retreat Recap

A few photos from our time in Delaware Water Gap for the 2016 Agents & Managers Retreat, May 15-17.

We had a terrific time at Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort for this year's Agents and Managers Retreat. David Wannen led us on a very challenging and fun hike out and back on the Appalachian Trail. The time was filled with a wealth of knowledge and presentations from our colleagues - you can download handouts here - as well as down time laughing with friends. If you attended, please complete the survey that we sent in early June - it will help us in planning for next year. If you missed the retreat, we do hope you'll join us in 2017!

Mexico Festivals and Resources

Are you interested in learning more about working in Mexico? Whether you are interested in representing artists from Mexico and Latin America or learning more about the festivals in the region, board member Lynn Fisher has compiled the following list of resources for you. Download the document for names of festivals, links to the sites, contacts, and other resources.

Mexico Resources and Festival Guide

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Fee Schedule

A Proposed Rule by the Homeland Security Department on 05/04/2016

ACTION: Proposed Rule.

SUMMARY: The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) proposes to adjust certain immigration and naturalization benefit request fees charged by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). USCIS conducted a comprehensive fee review, after refining its cost accounting process, and determined that current fees do not recover the full costs of the services it provides. Adjustment to the fee schedule is necessary to fully recover costs for USCIS services and to maintain adequate service. DHS proposes to increase USCIS fees by a weighted average of 21 percent and add one new fee. In addition, DHS proposes to clarify that persons filing a benefit request may be required to appear for biometrics services or an interview and pay the biometrics services fee, and make a number of other changes.

Read the full article online here.

DOL Overtime Regulations

DOL Update to Overtime Regulations

The following was taken from the Dance/USA website to provide a basic overview on the regulations. We understand most NAPAMA members are for-profit small businesses, however we felt the information about the regulations are important to share. We encourage our members to speak with their accountants about how the regulations affect their businesses.

In May 2016, the U.S. Department of Labor finalized an update to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) that will have a dramatic impact on nonprofit organizations. The update will double the salary threshold that exempts employees from overtime compensation from $23,660/year to $47,476/year.

What You Should Know

Employees are only exempt from overtime compensation if they pass both the salary threshold and the duties test, also known as the white collar exemption.
The updated regulation goes into effect December 1, 2016.
Nonprofits are not exempt.

Who is Covered?

Employees of any organization that has $500,000 or more of business revenue are covered by FLSA. DOL provides an example of a gift shop as business revenue, while grants, private contributions, and cash and non-cash donations do not count towards this amount. (It is unclear whether revenue from ticket sales count.)

Employees that deal in interstate commerce are covered. Interstate commerce include sending and receiving emails and phone calls, making purchases, etc. This means that most employees will be covered.

Paying employees a fixed salary when their hours are fluctuating (as well as there is a mutual understanding) may be a possible important provision for performing arts groups. Because the salary is fixed, only half time payment (as opposed to time and half) would be owed for hours worked over the 40 hour work week. (Dance/USA is continuing to research this provision.)


Overtime Final Rule and the Nonprofit Sector (DOL)
Guidance for Nonprofit Organizations (DOL)
Archived webinars and compliance and challenges to nonprofits (Independent Sector)
Independent Sector’s Comments on the Proposed Rulemaking


The Department of Labor proposed new rules during the 2015 summer, with the initial threshold increase set at $50,440. DOL accepted comments on the proposed regulations in September. Dance/USA signed on to a letter from Independent Sector (Dance/USA is a member) urging the Department to provide more time to prepare comments, as the nonprofit sector needed clarity on the language. That request for an extension was denied. Independent Sector filed comments on behalf of the charitable sector that urged the Department of Labor to:

1.Have a phased in implementation should this proposed rule be finalized;
2.Account for regional economic and market differences;
3.Have an open process for any changes to the duties test.