NAPAMA CARAVAN UPDATE - Important news for WAA Attendees

August 6, 2015  -  Your materials need to arrive at Navis Pack and Ship, 7082 S. 220th St., Kent, WA  98032 (253-872-4443) by August 24th.  You will need to include with your packages the Canadian Customs Letter of Recognition, a fully completed Canada Custom Invoice and a fully completed US Customs form 4455.  We may not transport any electronics or anything for sale.  All marketing materials, brochures, etc. are entering Canada under Canadian code 9830 and your booth, roll-ups, etc are considered under 9993.  If you are able to split your packages, separate the 2 categories and label each package with the appropriate number, that would be nice...but if you can't no worries.  Remember to make sure you also label all your packages with your WAA booth number and NAPAMA Caravan.  Links for all the forms will be up on the this site by Monday including the Caravan application that has to be filled out and returned to me.                     

Unfortunately the decorator (Show In Motion) in Vancouver is being a jerk so, unless you qualify for the small package discount ($45 for less than 5 boxes and under a total of 30 Lbs) your drayage in and out will be a minimum of $300 plus service charge and taxes and you will have to make those payments directly to them (see page 14 of the Exhibitor Service Kit).  But the good news is that we have been able to coordinate with Canadian and US customs so there will be no brokerage fees at all nor any NALSI drayage (a savings of at least $380 based on the minimum NALSI fees).   The shipping from Kent through the end of the caravan will be handled as usual with NAPAMA making the payment and then charging you back.               MAKE SURE YOU FILL OUT AND SEND THE MATERIALS HANDLING FORM AND YOUR CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION FORM TO SHOW IN MOTION BY AUGUST 10TH OR YOUR DRAYAGE WILL BE SUBJECT TO A 40% PENALTY!!!                    

And, because of customs issues, we are truly sorry but we cannot have our Canadian members join the caravan out of Vancouver....but are hoping you will ship your materials to Kansas City and then you can join up there.

The 5th Annual NAPAMA Regional Conference Caravan is about to hit the road

July 20, 2015  -  Final plans are now being made for the annual NAPAMA Regional Conference Caravan.  For those of you going to WAA, the final customs details are being ironed out so your materials can be shipped to a location in the US and then customs clearances will be handled through the NAPAMA customs broker...and we are hoping that the clearance fees will be greatly reduced.  Delivery will be at show site and your materials will be picked up again there, the NAPAMA customs broker will handle customs back into the US and everything will be delivered to the show site in Kansas City.  For anyone just joining in KC, you will be responsible for getting your materials there (you can contact Jerry Ross for possible options on how to handle that) and will join the caravan to Baltimore.  Once your materials are delivered to show site in Baltimore, you will be responsible for dealing with them following PAE.  


NAPAMA Presenter and Agent/Management Award Nomination

 2014 NAPAMA Award for Presenting in the Performing Arts winner, Brian Jose and NAPAMA President Jerry Ross.

2014 NAPAMA Award for Presenting in the Performing Arts winner, Brian Jose and NAPAMA President Jerry Ross.

Nominate candidates for the 2014 NAPAMA Presenter Award and the 2014 NAPAMA Award for Excellence as a Manager and/or an Agent in the Performing Arts. The Awards will be given during the 2015 Arts Presenters Conference in New York City in January.

Please visit the Presenter nomination page or the Agent/Manager nomination page to submit nominations for those you would like to have considered for this honor.  Your nomination form needs to be received by December 1.

About the Awards...

NAPAMA Award for Excellence in Presenting the Performing Arts

The NAPAMA Award for Excellence in Presenting the Performing Arts is given each year to a distinguished presenter colleague. The Award is presented at the annual Arts Presenters Conference in January by a NAPAMA board member.

The nominated recipient and his/her organization should be a not-for-profit performing arts presenter with the following qualities:

  • Proven dedication to the future of presenting the performing arts.
  • A high level of professionalism.
  • Unwavering respect for colleagues in the field (artists, managers and fellow presenters).
  • Exemplary ethical behavior.


NAPAMA Award for Excellence as a Manager and/or an Agent in the Performing Arts

The NAPAMA Award for Excellence as a Manager and/or an Agent in the Performing Arts is given to a distinguished colleague serving the industry in this professional capacity. The recipient will receive a citation for excellence. The Award will be presented at the annual Arts Presenters Conference in January by a NAPAMA Board Member.

The nominated recipient must be personally active, and his/her organization must be an active company involved in the live performing arts industry representing artists, attractions or events that are deliverable to the presenting field. The nominee should exhibit the following qualities:

  • Proven dedication to the past, present and future of providing artists and attractions to and for the performing arts field.
  • A high level of professionalism in all industry dealings.
  • Unwavering respect for colleagues in the field including artists, fellow managers and agents, and presenters.
  • Exemplary ethical behavior and a high level of integrity towards the entire performing arts field.


The 2013 NAPAMA Performing Arts Market Study now available for Download!

Have you ever wondered how your colleagues would answer the following?

 Sample data from the The 2013 NAPAMA Performing Arts Market Study

Sample data from the The 2013 NAPAMA Performing Arts Market Study

“When considering an artist, production, or ensemble for presenting, what are your greatest concerns?” “Of the total showcases that you produce or attend, what percentage do you estimate are high quality showcases and ready to tour?” “On an average annual basis, how many paid performances do you or your company perform in the touring arts market?” “Has your organization’s existence or viability been threatened since the recession?” 

Over the course of a year, NAPAMA has asked the questions, recorded the answers, and analyzed the results. We are thrilled to report on the questions above and many more areas of interest within our field, testing long held assumptions and making new discoveries along the way. 

Use your NAPAMA log in information below and you will receive a link to download your very own copy of the final report! The Study is free for all active NAPAMA members and $25 for non-NAPAMA members.

Click here to learn more.

Next CPAE Course beginning soon!

The CPAE Program is a professional overview course focused on the skills and needs of the agent, manager, and presenter. It is offered by the University of New Orleans Graduate Program in Arts Administration in association with Arts Northwest and the National Association of Performing Arts Managers and Agents (NAPAMA). For more information on specific courses and dates, please see attached. 

Our next session will be "Artful Negotiating 101" at 6 p.m. central time on February 11th, 2014. The class will be taught by Andrew Maxfield, Director of the Influencer Institute, a strategy consulting firm for the non profit sector. This session will include an introduction to theoretical concepts as well as hands-on skill building exercises (requires access to a cell phone or Skype). Learning outcomes will include a grasp of basic negotiation theory and some experience using a model which can be repeated in future negotiations.

Program participants can sign up for individual sessions or the series of 8 courses, depending on their needs. It is also possible to begin the program at any time, and all classes are taught entirely online so can be viewed at your convenience. Click here to find out more or enroll!

APAP Conference News

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 6.59.23 PM.png

It has been a very interesting and busy 4th quarter for NAPAMA.  Following the fall conferences and all the activity following, we have had quite a bit to attend to.  Much of the planning for our annual Agent/Manager Retreat (to be held again in May in Ft. Lauderdale) was done and you will find some of the initial info in this newsletter.  Work has been going on that will result in the launch of our new NAPAMA website (projected for debut for APAP next month).  In response to the recent confusion regarding our by-laws, the board formed a Procedures Committee to go back  and review all by-law actions over the last number of years and insure that the by-laws we have in hand are correct.  Then the board reviewed the existing by-laws and have made some revision recommendations you will see in a separate email.  We are looking to have those changes ratified at the January members meeting.  All this along with the 'regular' business of NAPAMA this time of year....organizing nominees for the board of directors, coordinating the NAPAMA Presenter and Agent Awards, making sure the PD sessions are ready for APAP and more.  We hope your plans for the new year are proceeding smoothly as well.