NAPAMA at Dance/USA National Conference

The annual Dance/USA National Conference took place earlier in June in Austin, TX. Below is a photo of the Agents Council.




A productive and fun Dance/USA conference this week in Austin TX. 

Pictured: The Executive Director of Dance/USA with the Agents Council. From right to left, top row first: Pam Green, Bernard Schmidt, Margaret Selby, Cathy Pruzan, Harold Norris, Andrew Delicata (NAPAMA Board Member), Lynn Fisher (NAPAMA Board Member), Matthew Bledsoe, Amy Miller, Amy Fitterer (Executive Director of Dance/USA), Kristopher McDowell (Agents Council Chair and Dance/USA Board Member): and on the phone was Rachel Cohen and Rena Shagan. Council members who were missed this year: Christine Barkley, Jennifer Morris, Sophie Myrtil-McCourty, Joanne Rile.

See you next year at the Dance/USA conference in Kansas City, June 2017.