Aug 10th Caravan Update - including forms

First the easy part.  For those who are not attending WAA, there is a downloadable form for joining the caravan on the NAPAMA below for you to fill out and send in.  Remember it’s your responsibility to get your materials to Kansas City and then home from Baltimore.  We are still working on drayage charges for those joining in KC but in Baltimore your drayage (in and out) will be figured as part of the NAPAMA total weight so you won’t have to worry about minimums.  However, you will need to fill out and return a completed caravan participation form.

Now, for those of you who are going to WAA....first, some things you need to know:
Along with your materials, every exhibitor needs to include a packet that contains a completed Canada Customs Invoice, a completed US Form 4455, a completed caravan participation form and a copy of the CBSA issued Conference Recognition letter.   That packet of information along with all your materials are to be sent to:
Navis Pack and Ship
7082 S. 220 St.
Kent, WA  98032

All marketing materials, brochures, etc. are entering Canada under Canadian code 9830 and your booth, roll-ups, etc are considered under 9993. If you are able to split your packages, separate the 2 categories and label each package with the appropriate number, that would be nice...but if you can't no worries. We are not able to include electronics (tv's, etc) with the caravan - they must be carried separately.  AND, remember to make sure you also label all your packages with your WAA booth number and 'NAPAMA Caravan'.   IF YOU FAIL TO LABEL YOUR PACKAGES CORRECTLY THEY MAY NOT MAKE THE TRIP TO CANADA OR MAY NOT MAKE IT TO YOUR BOOTH!!!

Navis will organize and palletize all the goods, YRC Freight will pick up there, take across the border and deliver to show site.  It appears that the charges for all of that will be about $.50 per pound.   Once on site, if you qualify for the small package discount (no more than 5 boxes with an aggregate weight of 30lbs or less) then you will be directly charged $45 by the conference decorator.  If you exceed that then you will be charged the fill rate of $1.05 per pound with a $300 minimum.  IF YOU DO NOT FILL OUT AND RETURN YOUR CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION FORM AND YOUR MATERIALS HANDLING FORM TO SHOW IN MOTION BY AUGUST 10TH YOU WILL BE SUBJECT TO A 40% PENALTY TO YOUR DRAYAGE FEES!!

When we leave Vancouver, your materials will be picked up at your booth by Show In Motion and YRC will deliver them to Kansas City.  In Kansas City, the caravan pallets will be placed in an accessible location for us.  Caravan participants will pick up their own materials from pallets and then, on load out, deliver back to that area.

For questions contact Jerry Ross - or Marty Sonnenfeld at  

Download NAPAMA Caravan application

Download Canada Customs Invoice

Download US Form 4455

Official Recognition Letter is here