NAPAMA CARAVAN UPDATE - Important news for WAA Attendees

August 6, 2015  -  Your materials need to arrive at Navis Pack and Ship, 7082 S. 220th St., Kent, WA  98032 (253-872-4443) by August 24th.  You will need to include with your packages the Canadian Customs Letter of Recognition, a fully completed Canada Custom Invoice and a fully completed US Customs form 4455.  We may not transport any electronics or anything for sale.  All marketing materials, brochures, etc. are entering Canada under Canadian code 9830 and your booth, roll-ups, etc are considered under 9993.  If you are able to split your packages, separate the 2 categories and label each package with the appropriate number, that would be nice...but if you can't no worries.  Remember to make sure you also label all your packages with your WAA booth number and NAPAMA Caravan.  Links for all the forms will be up on the this site by Monday including the Caravan application that has to be filled out and returned to me.                     

Unfortunately the decorator (Show In Motion) in Vancouver is being a jerk so, unless you qualify for the small package discount ($45 for less than 5 boxes and under a total of 30 Lbs) your drayage in and out will be a minimum of $300 plus service charge and taxes and you will have to make those payments directly to them (see page 14 of the Exhibitor Service Kit).  But the good news is that we have been able to coordinate with Canadian and US customs so there will be no brokerage fees at all nor any NALSI drayage (a savings of at least $380 based on the minimum NALSI fees).   The shipping from Kent through the end of the caravan will be handled as usual with NAPAMA making the payment and then charging you back.               MAKE SURE YOU FILL OUT AND SEND THE MATERIALS HANDLING FORM AND YOUR CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION FORM TO SHOW IN MOTION BY AUGUST 10TH OR YOUR DRAYAGE WILL BE SUBJECT TO A 40% PENALTY!!!                    

And, because of customs issues, we are truly sorry but we cannot have our Canadian members join the caravan out of Vancouver....but are hoping you will ship your materials to Kansas City and then you can join up there.