July 20, 2015  -  Final plans are now being made for the annual NAPAMA Regional Conference Caravan.  For those of you going to WAA, the final customs details are being ironed out so your materials can be shipped to a location in the US and then customs clearances will be handled through the NAPAMA customs broker...and we are hoping that the clearance fees will be greatly reduced.  Delivery will be at show site and your materials will be picked up again there, the NAPAMA customs broker will handle customs back into the US and everything will be delivered to the show site in Kansas City.  For anyone just joining in KC, you will be responsible for getting your materials there (you can contact Jerry Ross for possible options on how to handle that) and will join the caravan to Baltimore.  Once your materials are delivered to show site in Baltimore, you will be responsible for dealing with them following PAE.  

AuthorJerry Ross