APAP Conference News

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It has been a very interesting and busy 4th quarter for NAPAMA.  Following the fall conferences and all the activity following, we have had quite a bit to attend to.  Much of the planning for our annual Agent/Manager Retreat (to be held again in May in Ft. Lauderdale) was done and you will find some of the initial info in this newsletter.  Work has been going on that will result in the launch of our new NAPAMA website (projected for debut for APAP next month).  In response to the recent confusion regarding our by-laws, the board formed a Procedures Committee to go back  and review all by-law actions over the last number of years and insure that the by-laws we have in hand are correct.  Then the board reviewed the existing by-laws and have made some revision recommendations you will see in a separate email.  We are looking to have those changes ratified at the January members meeting.  All this along with the 'regular' business of NAPAMA this time of year....organizing nominees for the board of directors, coordinating the NAPAMA Presenter and Agent Awards, making sure the PD sessions are ready for APAP and more.  We hope your plans for the new year are proceeding smoothly as well.