Mission Statement

To promote the best interests of performing arts agents and managers through leadership, professional development and alliances in the performing arts industry.


NAPAMA's Vision

An organization that is clear about why and for whom it exists;

an organization that knows why its work is important;

an organization able to take effective action when required;

an organization that educates and develops the professionalism of its members;

an organization that works collaboratively with its collegial organizations;

an organization that upholds the highest ethical standards for itself and its members;

an organization that cares passionately about the arts;

an organization whose members work tirelessly to support artists.


NAPAMA's Current Context

Active members, North America-wide: agents, agencies, presenters; associations; artists

Executive Committee of the Board: President, two Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer

12-member Board of Directors

Focus on collaboration with other organizations, including, but not limited to, Arts Midwest, Western Arts Alliance, Performing Arts Exchange, Arts Northwest, Arts Presenters, Ohio Arts Presenters, North Carolina Presenters Consortium

Focus on professional development in the field through the Certified Performing Arts Executive Certification Program


NAPAMA's Member Services


Annual Agent/Manager Retreat
Membership Meeting at Retreat
Membership Meetings at Regional Conferences 
Membership Meetings at APAP and all Regional Conferences



Website: www.napama.org
Quarterly e-Newsletter
Periodic Email Blasts



Members Only section of website
Discounts on conferences and industry products/services
Professional Development

  • Presentations & Workshops at regional and national conferences
  • Certified Performing Arts Executive Program

Access to discounted Legal and Tax advice and insurance coverage
Awards & Industry Recognition
Industry Liaison and Advocacy


NAPAMA's Service to the Field

Guidelines for Ethical Behavior
Guidelines for Mentoring
Guidelines for Independent Showcasing
Certified Performing Arts Executive Certification Program

NAPAMA Partnerships

NAPAMA liaison to APAP
NAPAMA liaison with APAP Showcase Producers
NAPAMA liaison to WAA
NAPAMA liaison to Arts Midwest
NAPAMA liaison to Performing Arts Exchange
NAPAMA liaison to Arts Northwest
NAPAMA liaison to State conferences