1998-1999: Jeannette Gardner, Gardner Arts Network


I was President in 1999. (Where did 10 years go??) Since 1999 was the 20th Anniversary of NAPAMA, we were able to bring a high level of recognition to NAPAMA at conference-wide events at WAA, MIDWEST, PAE and a successful 20th Anniversary sponsored luncheon at APAP (Jan. 2000) conference. This made many of our colleagues aware of the importance of the organization and helped elevate our reputation in the field.

During 1999, NAPAMA hired a full-time, more hands-on Executive Director, who attended conferences and other events on behalf of NAPAMA – a real challenge for a completely volunteer organization. This arrangement was ultimately discontinued for many reasons. However, it brought about other strategic procedures that proved to be advantageous for the future.

The most important aspect for me was the camaraderie and shared assistance to others in the field. NAPAMA also represents a high professional standard for which to strive.