1990-1991: Ingrid Kidd Goldfarb, Classical Action West


I really can’t remember exact years. I believe I went on the board in 1989 and became President a year later. It was a pivotal organizational time for NAPAMA. We hired a consultant and went through some long-range planning. It would be interesting to revisit that plan - wish I could put my hand on a copy. We had representation on the Arts Presenters Conference Committee and for the first time we had a Professional Development component at the conference. Our first pre-conference workshop was on Time Management. We sold it out and were delighted that both managers and presenters attended. It also proved to be a good income source. At the end of my time on the board we hired a part-time Executive Director.

What I remember most about my time with NAPAMA was the wonderful friendships that were formed. It was truly a time when "competitors became colleagues." We had our board meetings at Sheldon Soffer’s "party apartment" and often Stanley would bring lunch accompanied by Annie the dog.

I’m impressed and proud of what NAPAMA continues to do and wish you all the best.