NAPAMA Board Executive Committee

The Board Executive Committee is responsible for the overall focus and direction of the Board and the organization. It is tasked with increasing the influence of the membership by implementing programs and activities which raise awareness and further the goals of NAPAMA and its members. The committee ensures that the membership and the interests of the membership are represented at all public industry forums and to service organizations in all disciplines, including participation on key boards and planning committees. This committee works to build coalitions on major issues amongst NAPAMA members in order to present a unified voice and promotes collaboration with other industry organizations within the United States and internationally.

David Wannen, President
Jeff Laramie, Vice President, Professional Development
Chrissie DiAngelus, Vice President, Membership & Communications
Laurel Canan, Treasurer
Hank Knerr, Secretary


NAPAMA Membership & Communications Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for fostering the expansion of membership both nationally and internationally, recommending changes to the dues structure and increasing member benefits.

Chrissie DiAngelus, Chair
Jerry Ross
Kevin Spencer
Andrew Delicata
Tim Robinson

NAPAMA Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee is responsible for organizing professional development workshops and presentations at regional and national conferences and at the NAPAMA annual meeting.

Jeff Laramie, Co-Chair
Lynn Fisher
Tim Robinson
Kevin Spencer

NAPAMA Strategic Planning Committee

The strategic planning committee is responsible for board defined strategic initiatives and overall plans.

David Wannen, Chair
Laurel Canan
Jerry Ross


NAPAMA Awards Committee

The Awards Committee is responsible for administering the NAPAMA Presenter and Agent/Manager awards.

Hank Knerr
Chad Herzog

NAPAMA Liaison Committee

The Liaison Committee is responsible for NAPAMA liaison with national, regional and state conferences. The liaison usually sits on the conference planning committee and/or works with the conference coordinator to alert members to exhibitor load-in, resource room hours, showcasing considerations and deadlines, sponsorship opportunities, timing of NAPAMA membership meeting at the conference and scheduling of NAPAMA professional development offerings.

Lynn Fisher, Chair
Liz Roth
APAP Liaison - Jerry Ross
Arts Midwest (MAC): Susan Endrizzi Morris
Arts Northwest (ANW): Craig Knudsen
Arts Presenters (APAP): Jerry Ross
California Presenters (CP): Robin Pomerance
Canadian Association of Presenters (CAPACOA): Laurelle Favreau
Chamber Music America (CMA): Laura Hartmann
CINARS: Laurelle Favreau
International Performing Arts for Youth (IPAY): Cheryle Hansen
International Society for the Performing Arts (ISPA): Lynn Fisher
NC Arts Market: Stephen Barefoot
Northeast Presenters (NE): Chad Herzog
Ohio Arts Presenters (OAPN): Laurel Canan
Pennsylvania Presenters (PA): Hank Knerr
Performing Arts Exchange (PAE): Pamela Green
Western Arts Alliance (WAA): Elizabeth Roth

NAPAMA Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee is responsible for liaison between NAPAMA and the U.S. government, singly and in conjunction with other organizations, to mitigate effects of legislative policies on members' activities and to recommend strategies for effecting legislative/policy change, if necessary.

David Wannen, Chair

NAPAMA Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for preparing the Board slate presented annually at the NAPAMA Membership Meeting at APAP.

Jerry Ross, Past President, Chair

NAPAMA Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is an ad hoc committee of the Board convened to deal with complaints by or about NAPAMA members.

Jerry Ross, Chair


NAPAMA Procedures Committee

The Operations Committee is responsible for the NAPAMA guidelines, bylaws, board handbook and state tax withholding.

Hank Knerr - Co-Chair
Andrew Delicata
Lynn Fisher
Liz Roth
Sarah McCarthy - NAPAMA member


NAPAMA Development Committee 

The newly created Development Committee is responsible for researching grants to fund our project work.

Liz Roth, Chair


NAPAMA Diversity Committee

The newly created Diversity Committee is responsible for exploring ways in which the board and membership can better represent the diverse nature of our field and further conversations of inclusiveness.

Lynn Fisher, Chair
Heena Patel, NAPAMA member
Dani Kefeckollett, NAPAMA member