NAPAMA Caravan 2017

The NAPAMA Caravan was established 7 years ago as a streamlined means of helping our members, most of whom are small businesses, easily and cost effectively transport their booth materials to/from all three regional conferences. It was designed to help you transport materials between the fall regional conferences (Arts Midwest, WAA, and PAE). You can "hop on" at any point, however it is your responsibility to get your materials to the first destination. From there, your materials will be marked 'NAPAMA Caravan' at load out and be transported to the next regional conference. It will be your responsibility to take your materials home with you at the end of PAE.

In order to register to participate in the Caravan you must be a current NAPAMA member in good standing. Not a member? Join today! If planning to participate in the Caravan, please complete the registration form no later than August 24. Joining the Caravan at the conference may incur a penalty fee. More information about Caravan 2017, this year's partnership with Rock-it Cargo, and the link to register for Caravan 2017 may be found below.

If you have questions not answered on the info sheet regarding billing, please contact Andrew Delicata. For transit questions (except regarding final pricing), please contact Michele Safarik.