The Liz Silverstein Award for Agent-Manager of the Year


Nominations must be received no later than October 25, 2017. Nominations received after the deadline will not be considered.


The Liz Silverstein Award is a citation for excellence. The nominated recipient and his/her organization must be an active company involved in the live performing arts industry representing artists, attractions, or events that are deliverable to the presenting field and exemplify excellence in the field. NAPAMA defines excellence in both Agent-Manager and Presenter categories as:

1. Exemplifying mentoring: the consistent guidance of less experienced or less knowledgeable colleagues in the performing arts.

2. Setting an example of best practices, achievement, and leadership in their respective disciplines

3. Cultivating and promoting diversity, practicing inclusion, and creating equity for underserved members of our community 

NAPAMA believes that participating self-represented Artists and Producers are "Agents-Managers" of their own work and therefore are eligible for the Liz Silverstein award. 

As for our third criteria above, we encourage a range of qualifications for promoting diversity and creating equity for others.  These qualifications can be seen in Programming, Artist Rosters, or any inclusive practice for the participants in our touring performing arts industry. 

The Award will be presented at the annual Association of Performing Arts Professionals conference in January by the NAPAMA President and included in the APAP program.

Nomination Procedure

Current NAPAMA members may nominate one presenter per NAPAMA member organization. Please do not nominate a single candidate multiple times with any additional office staff you may have- your member nomination will only count once. If you would like your nomination to be confidential (only to be known by NAPAMA’s board), please include this in the nomination statement. 

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